Sunday, May 27, 2012

Our Projects!

Ok, so first I need to give credit to where credit is deserved. I always get these ideas of things I want, and than I start my projects but being the perfectionist that I am it drives me insane if I cannot get it absolutely perfect. Many times I end up taking sewing projects, and etc to my amazing mom, and she will finish them. I will usually say I need help doing this, and than I happily let her take over. These projects that I have had lately my amazing husband made them possible. In our baby room we do not have a closet, so I wanted an armoire in order to hold our babies clothes. I started looking around at DI, and garage sales, and I found this armoire that I wanted to redo. I am really regretting that I did not take a before picture, but just so you have an idea the armoire was in bad enough shape that the people just gave it to us for free because they wanted us to take it off their hands. The side of it was busted, so it was leaning to one side, the bottom drawer was totally broken falling off, and it was a stain color. I told CJ that I wanted to redo this armoire, and that I wanted it in white. I wish I could say that I fixed it, but CJ did 99.9% of the work. He did amazing, and now I am just more excited for our little guy to come. The bottom drawer still needs it’s handles that is why there is no handles on the bottom drawer.
My second project that I said I was going to do was this old-fashioned baby cradle that I found. It was also a brown stain to begin with. CJ totally took the thing apart sanded all of the different parts, and then painted it black. The cradle is pretty cool in that it rocks, but you can also put a pin in it that makes it stay stationary. CJ thought my Grandma had a pretty awesome idea when she said to tie a rope to the cradle, and then just pull the rope while you are in bed to rock the cradle. Haha. I don't think his wife thinks that is very safe though. As you can tell though I still have to find a pad for the cradle, which is proving to be a very difficult process since it is such an odd size.
We have been so very blessed, and I can absolutely not wait for our little guy to come. We still have not chosen on a name, but I want to wait till I meet the little guy to decide for sure. We have about four weeks left maybe three if they start me early, which I am really hoping but I don't want to get my hopes up. Oh, and I have been loving life since graduation!!!!! It has been amazing to have no homework, and to know I am all done!!!!!!! I have to give thanks to CJ, my parents, and all of my family because their is no way I would have been able to graduate with out their help. Especially these past 8 months that I have been pregnant!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Healey 28 Weeks!

It is definately a perk to have a cousin who does ultrasounds because he is able to take me in and do cool 3D pictures. Here is a picture of our cute little baby at 28 weeks. Now some people might think it is creepy, but it is pretty neat what they can do. Our baby was pushed up against my uterus that is why the lips look all squished. It is hard to get a picture when they are pushed up. We are super excited for our little guy to come, and wish it would come faster. Now that I am done student teaching though I feel like I can finally get ready for him to come!!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Ok, I never blog because I either do not have pictures, or I do not have my camera cord to hook up my camera. Even though I do not have a picture I thought I would do a new post.

Well the past couple of months have been some super busy, fun, and crazy months. I have been doing my student teaching at Lehi High School and I have loved it! I do finish this week, and even though I will miss it I am excited to be able to get ready for my baby, and have some time to actually think. CJ has been the best husband I could ask for the past couple of months. He has been working 40 hrs a week, going to school full time, and working on his instrumental rating for his flying. He was getting close to braking a record at UVU's flight program with how fast he was getting his instrument rating, but he had to take some time off this weekend to be with me while I was in the hospital, so I might have made it not possiable for him. I do appreciate him though because he is always their when I need him.

Life is very fascinating, and I love when you are able to look back and see how God has really blessed your life. These last couple of days I have experienced more miracles than I could have ever really imagined. I have had back pains lately, but I just assumed that I am pregnant and that was normal. They got to the point though on Thursday that I left teaching, and I wondered how I was going to walk. It was hurting to the point that I would put all my weight on one leg, and just limp around. I decided to call my doctor, and see maybe if their was a stretch or exercise that I could do that would maybe help with my pain. The nurse immediately asked about my symptoms, and said they wanted me to go to the hospital to get an ultrasound. She said hopefully it was just a pulled muscle, but their was a chance that it could be a blod clot. As soon as she said those words my mind started racing, and I got sick to my stomach. Being pregnant I just immediately thought of my baby, and the worst possiable scenarios came to my mind. I started to cry, and I was scared to death. I do not like to be thought of as a wimp though, so I did not want my family to see me crying, or I did not want the doctors to think here is a preganant lady who has nothing wrong with her and she is crying. I immediately said a prayer, and it was one of the most amazing things ever. I had a sense of peace come over me, and I knew I could do it. I was immediately able to stop crying. I was still scared to death, but I had a sense of feeling that I could deal with it.

I ended up going to the AF hospital. CJ was able to leave his flying, and meet me their about the same time. They ended up doing an ultrasound, and they did find that I did not have much blood flow to my leg. Their was a blood clot in my lower abdomen. They ended up admiting me to the hospital for the night. I have to admit being in the hospital with no pain medication since a pregnant lady can not have anything but Tylenol is not very fun. I currently still have the blood clot, but they have put me on blood thiners. The blood thiner I am on is called lovanox, and it is a shot twice a day. This has been another miracle because I am deathly afraid of needles, but so far I have been able to get through the shots thanks to my heavenly father.

Looking back at the last couple of months though I can see how my Heavenly Father was watching out for me. Back in August right before CJ started flying I kept thinking we should get life insurance and I would feel better about CJ flying. We ended up getting life insurance for both CJ and I. Then about a month ago we started meeting with a finacial planner to talk about our life long goals, programs we wanted to set up for our child, and etc. This finacial guy suggested that we get life insurace, and I told him that we already had it. He asked me about our policy, and he just wanted to look at it, and see if he could get us anything better. He ended up coming back to us, and told us that he was very impressed that we got life insurace before CJ started flying because now that he is was flying he could only get ridicously high insurance, so he said their was no way we could get better than what we had. I was very grateful that my Heavenly Father prompted me to get it before CJ even started to fly. He did suggest though that we change my life insurace. My current life insurace was only a ten year policy, and if something major happened to me in those ten years it would be harder and more expensive to renew my policy. He showed me a policy that was good for 80 years. The policy would require that I pay about five more dollars a month than I was currently paying, but it would be good for 80 years. I debated back and forth, and finally I figured five dollars is not very much, so I might as well get the 80 year plan. We went through all of the paperwork, blood work, and etc in order to get approved. About a week ago we found out that everything was good, and that I was accepted. Now for the miracle is now that I have a blood clot it would be extremally difficult to ever get life insurance. Not that I am going to die anytime soon I am planning on living till I am 100, but it is very comforting to know that I have it, and that Heavenly Father was watching out for me. I am just very grateful that I have the gospel in my life, and that our Heavenly Father has blessed us with the companionship of the HOly Ghost.

Sorry, this is way to long, and if you have read this far I am impressed!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best Birthday Present Ever--"BABY BOY"

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I am not going to lie I have thought this whole time that I was having a baby girl. I have always wanted a baby boy first because I loved having my older brothers, but for some reason I just thought I was having a girl. I found out that I am having a baby boy though!!!! You could say that I had no mothers intuition because I was totally wrong. CJ and I are both on cloud nine though and could not be happier. Of course the first thing CJ wanted to buy was a baseball mitt for the boy, but I think that one is going to have to wait. Instead of getting a baseball mitt I thought this baby outfit would work, see below. The number on the outfit is even the same number CJ has had in college ball, so I knew I could not turn the outfit down. It is very neat to think that their is a little boy growing inside me, and we could not be more grateful. We hope everyone is doing well.

The same number as his daddy!

Monday, November 28, 2011

*** & Then Their Were Three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I never blog, but with how excited I am with this news I thought I would blog about it!!! CJ and I are super ecstatic to announce that we are having a baby!!!!!!! You might have heard through the grapevine, but I have not officially told everyone, so now we are! We had the opportunity to see the baby and hear the ultrasound, and it was the best thing I could have ever imagined. Here is a picture!

I wish I could explain how grateful I am, but I can not even begin to. Having a miscarriage before made me really hesitant if this could really be true, but hearing the heart beat was the most amazing thing ever! I also have to thank my wonderful husband CJ because he has been the best husband I could ever ask for. He has been super patient as I have been sick, and he has cleaned, made dinner, and done more than I could ever ask for. We are super excited, and of course I am saying it is a girl, and CJ is saying it is a boy. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. Thanks!

Monday, August 8, 2011


Ok, so many people will make fun of my coupons, or really ask me if it is worth the time that I spend in couponing. I want to show my purchases that I made today to hopefully convince some people that you definately save money with coupons.

Ok my purchase that I am most proud of today is Ridleys! Here is a picture of what I purchased. I would like you to guess what the total came to! In the picture their is 10 boxes of rice krispies, 5 bags of marshmellows, and 4 sicssors.

Ok the amount I paid was $1.65!! I was actually suppose to pay .65 cents, but the cashier forgot to do one of my coupons, but I figured it was not worth going back in they could have my dollar. My savings in coupons, and promotions was $54.61!

Ok my next stop today was Walgreens. Walgreens is one of my favorite stores to get hygine type items because they allow you to stack coupons on the same item. Today I did not get to many items, but I did get one 33 loads of purex laundry detergent, I bottle of Keri lotion, 3 packages of index cards, 1 package of printer paper, 2 baby bibs, baby binkes (No I am not pregnate but when I see a deal I have to get it, 2 carmex lip balms, and 5 tab dividers. Ok here is a picture and I want to see if you can guess what I spent here?

Ok I spent $5.03. Now some people might think that is not that great but when I saved $31.00 dollars in coupons and store promotions that is definately a deal.

Ok my next stop today was Walmart. Today at Walmart I bought 2 packages of Spitz sunflower seeds, 2 bottes of shaving cream, 2 Quattro razors, 2 travel sizes of secret deoderodernt, 1 travel size of tide detergent, 1 package of sticky notes, and 1 bottle of LA looks gel. Ok once again guess the total!

Ok I spent $3.61. I also saved eight dollars in coupons.

Ok my last stop today was target! I bought 2 five star notebooks, 3 packages of trident gum, 3 packages of bic razors, 2 packages of sharpie pens, and 2 packages of paper mate pens.

The total spent at target was $4.44 with saving $16.52.

*** The grand total of what I spent today was $14.92! My savings today is $110.21!!!!!!!

Ok now you might think I am crazy for posting this. You might also think I also bought a lot of random items that I do not need on a weekly basis. Yes, I did buy a lot of random items, but I have been doing this for about a year now, and I have noticed that things go through cycles of when they are on sell. I have noticed that if I have a stock pile of am item that when I need that item and it is no longer on sell I have a stockpile which makes it so I do not have to go out and spend full price for things. You probably also noticed that I do not have many items and that is because I like to do mostly food on Tuesdays, and Wednesdays because that is when I get my best deals on produce. I am posting this so everyone can see that coupons do work, and if you ever would like help with couponing I would love to help you!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

No More SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!

I finally feel like CJ and I are able to enjoy the summer. I did 9 credits in the first summer block of classes, so I was extremally busy in school. CJ was a saving angel that stayed up with me numerous of nights in order to help me finish homework. I owe him big time, but we are now able to enjoy the summer!!!!

Last 6 Months Events!

I really do not know where to begin, but I would say one of my favorite things to do this summer is to hang out with CJ, and play with the cutest boys which would by my nephews!

From the picture you can see why I love these kids to death.

CJ has been begging me for months on how he wants to go camping. If CJ had it his way we would go campping every single day, but since we are adults we do have to work:) We have been camping up Provo Canyon, and hopefully we will get to go a lot more this summer. If anyone wants to go camping just let us know. CJ is pretty excited about going camping that he even set up our tent in our house:)

Since January most of our free time was spent on watching CJ play baseball! I loved watching him play, and CJ has decided to put the clets away, so we are going to miss watching him play. I am very proud of him, and even though we will miss the baseball we are excited for what the future holds!

One of my most favorite trips since I have been little is Lake Powell! We were lucky enough to go this last week. I think one of my most favorite things about lake Powell is just having no worries and you can relax, eat, and have fun. This year the ski boat almost ran out of gas while we were tubing, so we were trying to hurry in order to get back to the houseboat. CJ stayed on the tubes, and lifted them out of the water, so they were not dragging. I do not know if it saved any gas, but it was quite fun. I have to also admit that it is no fair that boys are able to do anything on their first try's. CJ went to do the airchair, and I told my dad that he would probably not get up his first try, so to be prepared to turn the boat around. I think this made CJ mad because he he got up on his first try I think to just prove me wrong:)